How to save computer memory

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Komputer

The user who still lay like me, usually just like a computer, without knowing the load or capacity has been exceeded ..

These tips that you let the computer run smoothly again

  1.      Uninstall programs you do not need or rarely use.
  2.      Save hours of memory during startup, how to type in run msconfig and then enter
  3.      While in the program msconfig, and then look for uncecklist startup programs is probably unnecessary and only takes memory alone

When using the computer while it is being kept hank because the load over or anything, use the task manager, read on memory usage, how much memory is consumed by the program, click the program not responding / program being hank, immediately end the task alone, but be careful in choosing, may be the wrong choice again hahaha

Ok, that much any tips from me, hope to help friends all ..

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The problems here are, when we turn on the computer, but the computer did not pick up, and he lights up, then the solution is:

  1.      Check vga or memory, might not fit / not installed properly
  2.      Check whether all cables are connected, the hard drive cable, cable to the motherboard, make sure everything is connected properly.
  3.      Try using another power supply, perhaps from its power supply problems.

Ok much for it first, yes, I hope you can help my friend all ..

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Sometimes we wondered why we did not want to flame monitor, but still good .. here are some tips to know

  1.      Check the Memory, perhaps dirty .. try cleaning using steadler eraser to clean, and reinstall it, do not forget to also clean the socket
  2.      If you do not want to flame too, check out his stuff vga troubled times, dirty or anything, unplug and then clean and reinstall it.
  3.      Check Motherboard, try first on another computer, perhaps be lit.

If you do not want to flame too, then perhaps from the monitor itself that is broken: p

Ok so just the tips, may be useful for my friend all …

Make computer shutdown repeatedly

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Komputer

Thank God, after a while the vacuum of the blog world, now I’m back on this blog to fill the long passive, which amounted magnitude apologize on passivity ..
In this post I want to share a bit of knowledge about the tricks the computer ..
If you are upset with someone, of course you want to do something for that person, but what is it??
screw th computer hehehehe: D
But sin on their own responsibility right: p
OK on with it, here’s how:
wrote this script in notepad: shutdown-s-t 01 love it at 1 second so that he can do little desperate: D
Save the file format. bat
Put the file on startup, know right? Were at the start -> all programs -> startup
Ok done, we wait for the right time when he was about to open his computer .. Remeber right sin in their own responsibility, there must be a result of all the deeds we have done: D

Assalamualaikum,salam sejahtera semuanya..
Saya mau berbagi sedikit pengalaman tentang hdd yang cycling redudancy check,pada waktu saya akan menginstall suatu program,saya cari di disk F,tempat saya menyimpan program,ternyata baru saya sadari ribuan software tsb lenyap…Hah kemana perginya???ya ampyuun,saya check propertynya padahal masih utuh,wah gmn nih ??saya sempat bingung n sdkt frustasi karna ribuan software yang udah saya kumpulin selama bertahun2 lenyap gitu aja,saya sempat browsing2,lama gk ketemu,akhirnya nemu juga tp pakenya bhsa inggris tp gpp lah,diambil yang pentingnya saja,ok gini caranya:
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Kaspersky 7.0 LiscenseKey

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Software

This is The LiscenseKey of the kaspersky 7.0 until 11th february 2011.
You Can Download here. Enjoy it…. 🙂

Assalamualaikum semuanya,salam sehat selalu… 🙂

Uia saya mau berbagi sedikit pengalaman nih,saya dulu waktu belum ngerti banget tentang internet,setiap ada kesulitan saya gak bisa ngadepin sendirian di rumah huft bete banget rasanya 😦

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